The mission of amcab is to support families and individuals in improving their quality of life. You will find a variety of services listed down the right hand side of this page. What is amcab? What do we do?

amcab is a local Community Action Agency serving residents of Alger and Marquette Counties in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Incorporated as an IRS Private, Non-Profit Corporation 501(c)3 in 1965, amcab is one of 30 Community Action Agencies (CAA’s) that serve the 80 counties in Michigan.

CAA’s were formed as “umbrella” organizations to house a variety of human service programs under one administrative roof. This umbrella concept was formulated to keep administrative costs down thereby freeing up more funds to directly help those in need.

The CAA network in Michigan provides the largest network of human services outside of State government.

Our organization provides a wide array of human services that are funded by federal, state and local governments. Our services are also supported by private and corporate contributions to help expand our services and meet new community needs.

Eligibility for our programs varies from age to income. Please don’t assume you are either eligible, or not eligible, for any specific program. By simply giving us a call, we can begin the first steps to determine what programs we have that may help you.

amcab takes action to help people become self-sufficient and to help our communities grow stronger. We do this in partnership with those we serve. By extending a helping hand, together, we continue to improve the quality of life of individuals.

October 21, 2014 News Update

School Starts, Heating Season is Upon Us and Taxes

We have started up our Early Childhood Education classes throughout the two county area recently. Head Start (3 – 5 year olds) and Great Start (4-5 year olds) classrooms can be found on our Early Childhood Education page. These programs have eligibility requirements and you must contact our office to have your child’s eligibility assessed.

We currently have room for more children in our Great Start programs. Contact us for more information.

We will be helping with heating assistance around mid-November and have been putting into place all of the necessary systems to assist individuals and families. Our heating assistance will be focused on “deliverable fuels” (propane, coal, oil, pellets and wood). There are income requirements for assistance and we recommend you call the office at 228-6522 to get a list of all of the documentation required and to set-up an appointment.

We also anticipate operating the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) assistance program this coming February through April of 2015. This program helps you to file your federal and state income tax returns capturing the EITC.

Please check back regularly to see when programs are up and running or if new program areas are being added.

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